Issue Threads & Comments

Some of the larger and in-depth issue threads or posts I’ve created or have been involved in on GitHub, which may contain useful information and research. Some of the information here may be superceeded as some of these thread date back to the beginnings of the contrast research project. I’m making this list largely for myself to collate the still relevant information into a single FAQ or simielar explainer document.

Contrast Math WCAG Issue 695 At the moment this thread has 122 posts, and is the main thread where I brought up the issues with contrast standards, and that led to the research and development of SAPC and APCA.

Visual Contrast Defined Silver Issue 217 A description of contrast types and the Silver/WCAG3 Visual Contrast Confromance model.

Contrast is Not Real Leonardo Issue 20 This is a lengthy post discussing the nature of contrast for readability, and subsequent posts that get into the minutiae.

Color Alone WCAG Issue 757 Direct link to my comment and examples detailing why color contrast (hue, saturation) alone are not useful without luminance contrast (light/dark).

sRGB Exponents Issue 973 A brief post discussing the merits of piecewise vs simple exponent linearization of sRGB.

Acuity and Font Size Issue 987 A post discussing visual acuity, font size, and the need for users to zoom text up by five times (or, reasonably up to about 90px).

Color Coding Issue 1076 Post that covers why luminance is not useful for information o”coding” and also covers issues related to CVD and why the term “color blind” is bad and ablist, and should not be used.

Contrast Question WCAG Issue 675 A short thread, post three and the last post I made have some good information that references existing mission critical standards from the FAA.

Some Obsure Color Terms

Why Font Smoothing is BAD

The Idea of Access Query

Lab and Gradients A post on gradients and what is the best space for creating them… this was before I became more enamoured with Luv as a tool…

Luminance is Mostly Green Report-a Issue 1177

Phi and Pi and CSS csswg Issue 4702 Why there is no compelling reason to make Phi a standard property like pi, despite the fact that Phi is golden…

Font Weight & Contrast WCAG Issue 665 A very early thread regarding font weight and contrast, well before my studies on spatial frequency and font contrast perception.

sRGB Standard WCAG Issue 360 Way more posts than necessarry to discuss sRGB as a standard, and certain math errors, etc… This was when I was more of an annoying color gadfly as opposed to now, as a generally annoying gadfly…

Non Text and Images WCAG Issue 700 Some comments on contrast for images and non text items.

Dark Reader WCAG Issue 876 This issue thread is actually about something else but in the linked post and wsubsequent posts, I discuss the Dark Reader extension.


Comments on color insensitive vision and legibility

Comments regarding lack of support for aspects of WCAG 2 contrast

APCA Discussion Forum Threads

APCA—The Revolution Will Be Readable